Stacey Brown

  • Trained by the EMDR Institute in 2017
  • Became Certified in EMDR in 2019
  • Became EMDRIA Approved Consultant 2021
  • Specialized Consultation on EMDR with voices & dissociative parts Via Dolores Mosquera
  • Natural Processing level 2 with Craig Penner

 Stacey is passionate about bringing EMDR education & trainings to Alaskan clinicians. Her focus is to help clinicians adapt EMDR to working with complex trauma, personality disorders, dissociation, Military & First responder communities.  

She is also the owner & clinical director of Chugach Counseling & Consulting in Eagle River.  Stacey offers individual & group Consultation on her blended Somatic, attachment, and Parts work EMDR. 

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